Why is running a Kubernetes employee challenge a good idea?

Bring a little competition to the table and the excitement of learning the Kubernetes basics is a bit more fun.

Kubernetes is an open source orchestration platform which automates the process of deploying and scaling container applications. Over the last years our customer base and the maturity of our services aligned with Kubernetes has grown hand in hand. Kubernetes has been the buzzword of the last years and is about to become the standard for running modern applications. For the good and the bad. The good for its scalability and robustness, for the bad that this platform is not always the best fit for all needs when it comes to cost effectiveness and ease of management due to high degree of complexity.

Anyways, training the different roles in our company to understand the scenarios and to be able to coach and advise our customers, is an important responsibility. Understanding how our customers are building and deploying their application in these environments are key to also explain what value a Managed Service Partner like Basefarm can bring to this service. And to fulfill the cycle, collect important feedback from our customers to improve and mature the service further.


In May and June, we arranged a Zero to Hero AKS Skill Challenge together with Microsoft with the main focus on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). All participants went through several hands-on modules where they created clusters, explored deployments options for pods, monitored health of a cluster and scaled applications. The challenge got a lot of good feedback and was a great success with almost 40 participants from different departments attending the challenge.

With even more people upgrading their skills in a fun way, we have increased our ability to continuously deliver value to our customers which is key to how we develop and improve our services for the future.

By Geir Morten Allum, Product Manager, Azure services in Basefarm