Basefarm SIRT Newsletter 18

This week, WhiteHack Security released their State of Web Security report, and there’s been a couple of attacks on US systems which has then pointed their fingers towards China. As Bitcoin grows more popular, people find more ways to gain them. One way is to harness power from idle computers, but doing it in the way ESEA did it (see below) is certainly not the way to go.

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
The State of Web Security
China: Cyberattacks Are Like Nuclear Bombs
Where has the £650 million gone?
Wash. Hospital Hit By $1.03 Million Cyberheist
Hacker Breached U.S. Army Database Containing Sensitive Information on Dams

Top 5 Miscellaneous Security links
Use a Software Bug to Win Video Poker? That’s a Federal Hacking Case
Network gaming company uses its “cheat-prevention” client to build a Bitcoin botnet
Millions of WordPress sites exploitable for DDoS Attacks using Pingback mechanism
US Department of Labor Website becomes a watering hole after attack
Dutchman Arrested in Spamhaus DDoS

Basefarm SIRT Posts
50 million customers hit in LivingSocial hack