Board Game Evening with [d0x3d!]

A couple of times each year, a couple of friends at Basefarm run small board game evenings in the office where we play various games from Settlers, Carcassonne, The Resistance, Talisman and other games.
This time though we found a game that we had not played in the past, and it was an open-source board game called [d0x3d!]. You can either print the manual and cards yourself, or order a pre-printed version.

[d0x3d!] is a board game designed to introduce a diverse body of students to network security terminology, attack & defend mechanics, and basic computer security constructs.

The game has its strenght not with the actual game play (in my opinion), but with the talk about real life threats that comes up while playing. Discussions such as best practices for network topology, current zero-day exploits, and how to protect oneself and applications in the best manner were on the table.


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