Security Software & Tools Tips – March 2019

In this monthly post, we try to make you aware of five different security related products.
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This month we have chosen for the following:
* Nishang
* Kautilya
* Burp Suite


Information from the Venom website:

Venom is a multi-hop proxy tool developed for penetration testers using Go. You can use venom to easily proxy network traffic to a multi-layer intranet, and easily manage intranet nodes.



Information from the Nishang website:

Nishang is a framework and collection of scripts and payloads which enables usage of PowerShell for offensive security, penetration testing and red teaming. Nishang is useful during all phases of penetration testing,



Information from the Kautilya website:

Kautilya is a toolkit which provides various payloads for a Human Interface Device which may help in breaking in a computer during penetration tests.


Burp Suite

Information from the Burp Suite website:

Burp Suite is the leading software for web security testing_
Thousands of organizations use Burp Suite to find security exposures before it’s too late. By using cutting-edge scanning technology, you can identify the very latest vulnerabilities. Our researchers frequently uncover brand new vulnerability classes that Burp is the first to report. Burp Suite constantly raises the bar of what security testing is able to achieve.



Information from the MISP website:

MISP – Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform & Open Standards For Threat Information Sharing.


Photo by Jordan Harrison on Unsplash