Reflections from Internetdagarna 2011

As we previously have mentioned on, we have been an exhibitor at the swedish digital event Internetdagarna 2011 in Stockholm. It was our first visit to Internetdagarna, but probably not the last! We had many nice discussions in our booth and met several interesting contacts. Moreover, our sales team could be seen in some pictures at Binero’s blog on their photo tour, and they where also seen on the pictures from IT24.

Our sales team would like to share 2 stories from Internetdagarna:

1. Internet is becoming an increasingly important part of the community

Today, everything from banking, insurance, social interaction and media (newspapers, television, news) as well as archives of personal creations on the Internet. But who really watches the Internet? Under the theme “United Nations and The Governance of the Internet” was that the topic of one of Monday’s themes. Should there be a UN for the Internet? Should NATO guard internet also and not only countries? To illustrate this, a history was told that NATO is threated by “hacker groups” because they were investigating and were asked to stop doing so. Read more about this.

2. Amazon is not only a bookstore or a rainforest

Amazon Web Services had sent their technology evangelist Matt Wood (@mza on Twitter) who spoked about the development of “pay-as-you-go” for infrastructure. We really liked this part especially when we (even though we are big in application management) sees a player like AWS as a natural part of the delivery. Can you rent out 30 472 cores for a few hours, there is demonstrably capacity that impress on tech geeks like us.

As a visitor, it was a lot of exiting events. As an exhibitor, we had however liked a bit more and longer pauses between the various speakers. It had given more time to talk to many of the exciting visitors who were there. Now it was a little speed-dating over the breaks.