This is how many services we host…

Last week, a collegue and I attended LARV (a career day for students at Luleå university in Sweden) and met a lot of curious students. It was a day with many rewarding conversations with the students. Who knows, we might meet in the future again?


During the day we arranged a competition at our booth where the students would answer the question: “How many sites does Basefarm hosts?” That means how many services we host throughout Basefarm, including Norway and The Netherlands. You who attended the competition is certainly curious to know who won? Many students participated in the competition, but the one who guessed closest was Maxime Koitsalu who guessed 40 000. The exact number of services are currently 34 689! Since we have customers in 23 countries and every customer often have more than one service, it becomes a lot in total.

Congratulations Maxime and hope you will like your subscription on Filmnet! 🙂