Looking back at 2013

2014 is already in its second month! A new year always appears as a new start, but in most ways it’s just a steady continuation of history. I’m happy to say that “The History of Basefarm, chapter 2013” is nice reading.

An increasing base of challenging customers trust us with their business critical IT systems. Our staff is strengthened by more than 50 skilled, dedicated employees, adding nicely to the 300 we already had on board. Our financial results are sound, and Basefarm is a safe and good place to work as well as a sustainable partner. In other words: More of the same development we have seen throughout our almost 14 years of operation.

In at least two ways, entering into 2014 also represents a milestone for Basefarm: We’ve celebrated our first year’s anniversary with our new owners, which has given us valuable insight into being part of a more international business society. From 1.1.2014 we have also changed our organizational setup thus enabling our three companies to work as ONE Basefarm.

People to build the business
The number of employees increased almost 18% last year, and we are now approaching 350. We also received a nice increase in the trust index of our employee survey that we are really proud of. After just one month with the new organization we can already see that collegues are working more with each other across the borders. Which they also seem to enjoy! By the way, we are still hiring if you are interested in joining our team!

New certifications in place
Last spring we passed the ISO 27001 certification (for security). We also completed the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.  In addition, we completed the yearly confirmation of our PCI-DSS certification on Level 1.

FIRST Membership
We’re now a member of the global security organization FIRST; an umbrella organization that brings together trusted computer incident security teams from around the world. FIRST gives us the opportunity to more effectively respond to security incidents and work proactively with other organizations.

Collaboration with customers
Our customer satisfaction remained high also during 2013; still a score above 5 on a scale from 1 to 6 in our customer survey. We have also acquired many new interesting customers and partners. To mention a few: Cognizant – a huge international provider, with whom we cooperate on the deliveries to Orkla – supplier of consumer goods. Klarna – an e-commerce company that provides payment solutions for online storefronts and Helse Sør-Øst (South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority with 56% of the total population of Norway).

Chess world champion played checkmate in our cloud
Last year we were in collaboration with the new chess world champion Magnus Carlsen helping him to train using his chess applications in our cloud. Carlsen turned to Basefarm to ensure optimal preparation for the autumn’s World chess championship in Chennai, India.

Management award – all thanks to the team
As a CEO and co-founder of the Basefarm group, I just have to end the highlights of the year in 2013, by saying that I’m really proud that I was named the “IT-leader of the year” by the Norwegian Computer Society at the Rosing awards. The award is shared with everyone in Basefarm. It is all down to systematic and thorough teamwork over the years that has made Basefarm what we are today!

2014 – new year, new opportunities!
I’m looking forward to another exciting and inspiring year with good customers, partners and employees! Please remember (this year like the previous ones): having fun and delivering professional services works very well together!