Security is Not a One-Person Job

Security is not a one-person job. It can’t be accomplished with one person, it can’t be accomplished with one company.

“Security is not a one-person job. It can’t be accomplished with one person, it can’t be accomplished with one company,” says Walls. “So we need partners, and we need friends in the industry to work together.” No statement could better summarize what building a culture of security looks like. Learn more about how Walls and Prime Therapeutics implemented DLP to protect highly sensitive data for millions of people.

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BF-SIRT Newsletter 2018-18


Twitter said Thursday that a glitch caused account passwords to be stored in plain text on an internal log, sending users across the platform scrambling  to change their passwords.

The social media company said that it found and has fixed the glitch, and its investigation shows no indication of a breach or misuse by anyone. While the company did not specify how many passwords were impacted, a Reuters report pegged the number at more than 330 million.

“I’d emphasize that this is not a leak and our investigation has shown no signs of misuse,” a Twitter spokesperson told Threatpost. “We’re sharing this information so everyone can make an informed decision on the security of their account.

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Apple Security Update 2013-003

Apple have released security update 2013-003 for OS X.
This update fixes three issues with QuickTime where playing a maliciously crafted movie file may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution.

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Basefarm SIRT Newsletter 21

News links for this week goes through a bit of a mix, containing articles such as a three part interview with a Blackhat hacker which is interesting to read through. Another interesting article, which although is a very old subject, is TheRegister talking about how having WiFi turned on your phone could be a bad idea. To get an idea how easy it is to set this up you can browse over to HakShop who have been selling a box since 2008 which is taking advantage of this.

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