Sweden’s best sites from a hosting perspective

Tonight, the winners in the Swedish web competition Topp100, arranged by the magazine Internetworld, will be designated and here is the list of all nominated sites in all categories. Eight of our customers have been nominated in the competition and we at Basefarm are the engine behind everything and make sure that our customers services work. In this kind of contexts, usually the traditional web perspective use to be in focus, and with this blog post we want to tell you what makes the sites (regardless of platform) good from a hosting perspective.

Close cooperation and understanding is key

What is common for our customers who are nominated, is that they have had a high expansion. They have begun to see hosting in a new way and starting to demand how it should work, not just that it should work. The customers are good at creating, testing new things and set up requirements, while we take care of the demands, make them real and implement them. The customers rely on correct information is conveyed about how things should work. With our expertise, knowledge and experience, we understand our customers’ needs and can provide the best possible conditions for our customers. Today you have to concentrate on doing one thing well and trust that others will do the other things well. It’s this confidence that together allows us to agree about where our customers want to go and how to get there.

Checklist – 6 factors for a good site:

Below we have listed the things we think should be included on the checklist for a good site from a hosting perspective:

    • The 3 basic principles – a fast, always available and secure site
    • Flexibility and adaptability – it should be possible to add new features and update quickly so that it has a vibrant and functional site
    • A hosting provider with unique competence in hosting mission critical business applications – extensive experience and competence within design and architecture creates understanding for the provider and customer confidence
    • Operational processes and structures – creates security and should be in place to follow-up, catching things and solve problems.
    • Dense dialogue – the hosting provider should work as an advisor and must dare to speak up and don’t be afraid to say what you think. Important to also announce when you think that things will not work
    • Close cooperation – proximity to customers is everything to work toward the same goal: our goal is to ensure that customers succeed!

We wish all our customers who have been nominated good luck tonight at the Top 100 Awards! Thanks for your cooperation!