Docker containers can benefit both developers and system administrators

Docker automates the deployment of applications inside containers. See how this helps flexibility and portability with Basefarm’s OpenShift as a Service.

Docker is the world’s leading software container platform, automating the deployment of applications inside software containers. Companies use Docker to build software delivery pipelines to quickly and securely ship new features.

Basefarm’s OpenShift as a Service: DevOps Hotel uses the Kubernetes container management cluster and Docker containers. Containers don’t bundle a full operating system, but only those libraries and settings necessary. This makes systems which are efficient, lightweight and self-contained so that software runs the same no matter where it is deployed.

Developers love Docker because it automates the repetitive tasks of setting up and configuring different development environments. Operations love Docker because it makes for a streamlined delivery of software. Best of all it includes tools to enable DevOps, breaking down the old barrier between Development and Operations teams.

Your benefits

  • Agile creation and deployment of applications.
  • Continuous development and deployment.
  • Portability across operating systems.
  • Application-centric management.
  • Simplified maintenance.
  • Improve efficiency and make more money.