Demand for Information Security skills keep rising

A few days ago, InterQuest released an interesting report on how they are seeing the demand for skills in information security keep rising and rising.

They’ve predicted that for 2015, there will be an increasing demand for the development of the information security profession on a political, economic and organisational level. InterQuest are also noting that the security industry must change its model from being reactive to threats, to being proactive about developing to meet the security demands of organisations today.

InterQuest goes on to give an example of their own growth after putting resources into a security division of their company;
“Just over two years ago, InterQuest established a small information security recruitment division aimed at helping users of our specialist recruitment practices – analytics, digital and web technologies – connect with talent to support their information security requirements. This once small division has grown and been the source of significant investment by the Group, as it responds to the upswing in demand and professionally represents candidates in a market largely misunderstood by more generic recruiters.”

With the latest breaches that has happened, it’s no surprise that “Network and Information Security” is now on top 7 on sought after skills, and is set to climb higher and higher;
“The string of high profile breaches confirms that the information security industry has a significant task on its hands, a task which has become mission critical for many organisations and a source of growing urgency.
The information security industry has evolved predominantly in reaction to threats rather than proactively developing the profession leading to a generational gap. The Information Systems Securities Association (ISSA) estimates there are between 300,000 and 1,000,000 vacant cyber security positions. Further, LinkedIn recently released a list of the 25 most in demand skills. The list is based on hiring and recruiting activity, analysing the skills and experience data of over 330 million LinkedIn member profiles. “Network and information security” skills are 7th on the UK list and set to soar higher as demand increases further.”

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