Basefarm has it’s own blog!

Now Basefarm has it’s own company blog! Our blog Above the clouds will be a corporate blog for the entire Basefarm Group, which means that employees from all Basefarm countries will blog. I’m Elin who write this very first blog post and have pull the strings to make this blog real. The blog will mostly include tech blog posts because of our passion for technology and we want to use the blog as a platform where we share our knowledge and expertise with you. But the blog will also be an important platform where we show you what is going on in the company and how it’s like to work at Basefarm. Well, the blog will be a place for all of you that are interested in Basefarm.

The blog is called Above the clouds because we wanted to have a blog name that is associated with our business, but at the same time we wanted the blog name to stand for our personal opinions inside Basefarm. Therefore, we concluded that the blog would be called Above the clouds. The name is a combination of both our business and opinions – our range of services with cloud services (cloud), while the expression above the clouds represents philosophy, own opinions and thoughts that often come up in blog posts.

We hope you will follow our blog where we will share our thoughts and ideas from the world of technology, above the clouds.