OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.4 Security update

Apple have released their latest update for OS X, 10.8.4, which contains the following security updates:

SMB (Write files outside shared directory)
Ruby (Arbitrary Code Execution)
QuickTime (Arbitrary Code Execution)
QuickDraw Manager (Arbitrary Code Execution)
OpenSSL (DoS, decrypting your SSL traffic, and private key disclosure)
Disk Management (a local user can disable file vault)
Directory Service (Arbitrary Code Execution)
CUPS (Read/Write arbitary files with system privileges)
CoreMedia Playback (Arbitrary Code Execution)
CoreAnimation (visiting a webpage can cause Arbitrary Code Execution)

Along with this, a lot of security issues for Safari has been addressed such as being able to log in to previously accessed sites even if Private Browsing was used.

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