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Norsk Hydro lose more than NOK 300-350 millions in a week after attack

This blog post is a summary of this week’s Information Security News put together by our Security Incident Response Team (SIRT).

There’s not much news about what happened last week when Norsk Hydro was attacked by unknown cyber criminals on March 19, but the estimated costs is around NOK 300-350 million. While we don’t know exactly what happened it is confirmed that this was a ransomware virus spreading in their system, encrypting files and taking down critical systems. The ransomware in question is LockerGoga, and was officially first seen in January this year. It is unknown exactly how the virus was introduced in to Hydros systems, as the have not identified any phising-emails.

When LockerGoga has infected a system, it locks out all users from the system it just infected, and starts encrypting files. This means that it can be hard for users to even see the ransom-note that pops up on the desktop. LockerGoga also does not have any instructions on how to pay the ransom, but rather instructs the system-owner to make contact for payment and amount through email addresses.
So far this attack raises a lot of questions, as the modus operandi has never been seen before, with very sophisticated attacking capabilities and no clear agenda.
You can read more about the attack and LockerGoga on threatpost

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