Introducing Nordkap: a Swedish company that offers solutions for the treasury function of capital intense companies. The solution is a completely web-based, installation-free SaaS platform. In a short timeframe, Nordkap has established themselves as the leading web-based treasury system in Sweden and Norway. Now, their focus is to continue to improve and develop the system in order to expand – both in the Nordic region and Europe.


As Nordkap grew and started acquiring bigger customers, the requirements on their data security levels increased. Nordkap also wanted to develop an internal strategy to be able to capitalize on customer data stored in the platform, which also contributed to the need for higher data security levels.

Before Nordkap found their way to Basefarm, they had hired another supplier for operational solutions. In their decision-making process at the time, keeping costs down received the highest priority, as the company was still in a start-up phase. However, one of the problems Nordkap was experiencing was that the solution wasn’t stable enough and, in some cases, the service would completely shut down. On top of the service being unreliable, the communication from the supplier was also inadequate – no information was provided when the problems arose nor was it communicated how long it would take before the problems were resolved. This level of operational insecurity jeopardized the trust Nordkap’s customers’ had in them.

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