Mobile Security

As most of you are aware, the christmas holiday is quickly coming up! 🙂
This means that a lot of us will be traveling on trains, busses and flights to get to our families to maybe relax, drink glögg and eat sill.
Bad people tend to take advantage of the extra amount of people traveling at this time of the year though, and because of that there is a spike in thefts during this time of the year.

A lot of sensitive information and confidential information is stored within mobile devices these days, and losing that data could potentially be devastating. Because of that, it’s important to remember to secure your mobile devices as best as you can.

Included are two guides how to turn secure the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android) and the iPhone which are some of the most commonly used phones.

iPhone (verified on iPhone 4): The minimum security is to have a PIN code, and that it’s set so that the device is wiped after 10 incorrect attempts of inputting the PIN. You can access these settings from: Settings, General, Passcode Lock, (Erase Data, Simple Passcode).

Android (verified on Samsung Galaxy S3): Please turn on Encryption of the device (and external SD card). You can access this encryption settings from: Settings, Security, Encrypt Device. Please be aware that you can’t use a PIN code when using encryption, so you will need to come up with some word instead to unlock your phone. It’s also advised that you install an anti-virus application on your Android phone.