Microservices are a modern way to build applications

Microservices can increase productivity and improve profits in app development. Learn more about this architecture in Basefarm’s OpenShift as a Service.

The microservice architecture is not just a new tool to build applications. It allows a new workflow to help your company create scalable and adaptive systems so you can thrive in today’s competitive markets.

Many types of applications are easier to build and maintain when they are broken down into smaller units. Each component is created separately, unlike the traditional monolithic approach where the entire application is developed in one piece. This allows for faster and more efficient development as well as reducing strict dependencies between individual components.

Microservices are an up-to-date interpretation of service-oriented architecture (SOA). A microservices architecture used with OpenShift as a Service: DevOps Hotel from Basefarm allows you to move away from the old, inefficient application development.

Your benefits

  • Features can be added without rewriting the whole application;
  • Maintenance is faster and simpler;
  • Parts of the application can be scaled separately;
  • Change and add functions more easily;
  • Reduce the likelihood of large failures;
  • Improve user experience;
  • Lower costs and improve profitability.