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Working as a technician at a solution and hosting provider means that I often need to ask customers what parts of Windows they use. As soon as we meet a new customer we need to understand what parts of Windows they are using and what parts we need to setup in the customers environment in our datacenters.

The old way of doing this is by simply asking the customer. That’s fine but it tends to lead to copy & pasted lists of various pieces of information that really doesn’t make sense for our techies.

If we encounter customers that use Windows Server 2008 R2 it’s super easy. We can then use the power of the shell (PowerShell!) to inventory exactly what roles and features they have installed in their servers. We can ask the customer to run this in their environment:

Import-Module ServerManager
Get-WindowsFeature | Where { $_.Installed } Export-CliXml .\$env.COMPUTERNAME-windows.xml

We then ask the customer to send back the XML file. At our end we can now import the information we need:

$features = Import-CliXml computername-windows.xml

Once we have done that we can exactly see which features they have enabled on their servers.

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