Geek day 2013

Tomorrow is the official Geek day for geeks and nerds around the world. The Geek day has been celebrated on May 25 since 2006. The day originated in Spain as “Día del Orgullo Friki” and with help from internet it has been spread worldwide.

What is a geek?
In my opinion I see a geek as a person who have a passion for something and is an expert within a specific field. I know that I share this approach with my colleagues, we are geeks because of our passion for technology. Our movie called “Basefarm behind the scenes” describes pretty well what geekiness is for us at Basefarm. In the movie we take you to one of our data centres and talk about all the technology behind the solutions. Click on this link to show our movie.

How geeky are you?
At this point you might wonder how geeky you are? I actually did a geek test to find out how geeky I am and got the answer “Somewhat nerdy”. See the result on the picture below and do the test to find out how geeky you are.


What is geekiness for you and what kind of geek are you? I’m glad if you would like to share your thoughts. Have a great Geek day tomorrow!