Employees at Basefarm are building the network for DreamHack

This weekend it is once again time for DreamHack – the world’s largest LAN-party. The event runs from 18th to 21st of June and for 72 hours gamers, coders and hackers from all over the world will gather in Jönköping, Sweden to compete in e-sports, creative competitions or just to hang out with likeminded people. Last winter the network hosted 12 757 unique MAC-addresses which once again meant a new Guiness world record. The network which is designed, implemented, operated and disassembled by the Dreamhack Network Crew, consists of 30 people: two of these are consultants at Basefarm.

The crew is represented by top IT-companies in Sweden and students from IT-universities and our skills and backgrounds are varying from operations, development, engineering to electricians. The core network is built using Cisco enterprise routers and switches and is connected to Internet by 2×10 Gbit connections from Telia. The access-layer consists of over 400 access-switches where the visitors connect their computers. The entire area is also covered with wi-fi and more than 20 internet streams cover the event live, including Swedish Public Service. The design process starts four months before the event and the reoccurring thing we discuss in our meetings is how to improve the network since last time.

This is in my mind the best equipment and foundation to build an enterprise network on. And by happy accident this is the exact same equipment we use in our datacenters at Basefarm. Building the network at Dreamhack is therefore like disassembling, analyzing and rebuilding our entire datacenter-core at Basefarm twice per year. After every event we sit down and analyze what we want to do better and what we want to learn for our next event.

For more information about the event, go to http://www.dreamhack.se