DNS-over-HTTPS, a curse or a blessing?

This blog post is a summary of this week’s Information Security News put together by our Security Incident Response Team (SIRT).

“Mozilla plans to enable support for the DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) protocol by default inside the Firefox browser for a small number of US users starting later this month.

When DoH support is enabled in Firefox, the browser will ignore DNS settings set in the operating system, and use the browser-set DoH resolver.

By moving DNS server settings from the OS to the browser level, and by encrypting the DNS traffic, DoH effectively hides DNS traffic from internet service providers (ISPs), local parental control software, antivirus software, enterprise firewalls and traffic filters, and about any other third-party that tries to intercept and sniff a user’s traffic.” according to Catalin Cimpanu for Zero Day.

This is causing some controversy and might affect current mitigating measures in place at businesses.

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