Diversity and Security. Why it is so important?

Being inspired of the event “Diversity & Security” organized by Microsoft Norway and Oda Network (Norwegian leading network for women in tech) I want to share some ideas about this topic with Basefarmers.


Why diversity is so important nowadays?


“Diversity is not just about the color of our skin, gender, religious or ethnic background, it is also about being surrounded by people whose varied experiences contribute new ideas to problem solving.” – Ann Johnson Corporate Vice President, Cybersecurity Solutions Group

Studies have shown the importance of diversity and inclusion in generating more creative solutions to business problems and enhancing performance and competitiveness. It’s particularly important in tech because it serves as a catalyst for success and a foundation for innovation in so many industries.

McKinsey report “Diversity Matters” shows how diversity impacts organizational performance and especially decisions making.

It’s quite impressive to see how many % of the time a better decision is made, based on what kind of people are around you. And I’m pretty sure that we in Basefarm do the right things moving into that direction.


While many organizations working on implementation of “diversity measures” to encourage more women and other underrepresented groups to explore careers in tech, it’s still remains a deficiency of women and minorities, especially in cybersecurity.

It’s easy to calculate the gender gap in cybersecurity. Women – who make up 11% of the industry – hold few leadership roles in security.

As recently predicted that by 2021, 3.5 million cybersecurity positions will go unfilled, so to gain the advantage in fighting cybercrime we are dependent on diverse talents and consciousness about this subject! 🙂