December 16 – Use an Intrusion Detection System

It’s already December 16 and only about one week until Christmas Eve. We hope you have enjoyed our Christmas calendar this far. For those of you who have recently discovered our Christmas calendar; this is the place where we give you 24 tips for a secure Christmas, a new tip every day until Christmas. Make sure to follow our tips from this Christmas calendar for a chance to win a Christmas gift! Security tip #16 is to use an Intrusion Detection System. An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) can be explained in the way that it’s an “antivirus” for your network traffic. The IDS checks for certain network signatures to see if you have anything bad going in or out of your network, and will tell you if it finds anything. An open source version is Snort, and they also have an enterprise option, which gives you a subscription to their malware signatures.


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