Cybersecurity Updates For Week 9 of 2022

DORA’s Global Reach and Why Enterprises Need to Prepare

A new cybersecurity regulation is coming to the European financial services sector, and its authority will be felt worldwide.

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Shadowserver Special Reports – Cyclops Blink

On 2022-03-03 we sent out a second special report with an additional 673 IPs likely infected with Cyclops Blink, observed on 2022-02-24.

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Free HermeticRansom Ransomware Decryptor Released

A free decryptor is out to unlock a ransomware found piggybacking on the HermeticWiper data wiper malware that ESET and Broadcom’s Symantec discovered targeting machines at financial, defense, aviation and IT services outfits in Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia last week.

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