Centreon IT monitoring software and Russian Sandworm hackers

Basefarm has become aware of published news telling of Russian-accredited advanced persistent threat actors, given the name of Sandworm, having exploited Centreon IT monitoring software. Basefarm is aware that some news report mention Orange as on the customer-list of Centreon and while Basefarm is owned by Orange Business Services we would like to make it very clear that Basefarm does not use Centreon software.

From an article: “The French national cyber-security agency has linked a series of attacks that resulted in the breach of multiple French IT providers over a span of four years to the Russian-backed Sandworm hacking group.” and “… it is not yet clear if the attackers exploited a vulnerability in the exposed Centreon software or the victims were compromised through a supply chain attack.”.

If Basefarm is made aware of any Centreon installations hosted within its manged hosting then Basefarm will work together with such a customer.