Why is running a Kubernetes employee challenge a good idea?

Bring a little competition to the table and the excitement of learning the Kubernetes basics is a bit more fun.

Kubernetes is an open source orchestration platform which automates the process of deploying and scaling container applications. Over the last years our customer base and the maturity of our services aligned with Kubernetes has grown hand in hand. Kubernetes has been the buzzword of the last years and is about to become the standard for running modern applications. For the good and the bad. The good for its scalability and robustness, for the bad that this platform is not always the best fit for all needs when it comes to cost effectiveness and ease of management due to high degree of complexity.

Anyways, training the different roles in our company to understand the scenarios and to be able to coach and advise our customers, is an important responsibility. Understanding how our customers are building and deploying their application in these environments are key to also explain what value a Managed Service Partner like Basefarm can bring to this service. And to fulfill the cycle, collect important feedback from our customers to improve and mature the service further.


In May and June, we arranged a Zero to Hero AKS Skill Challenge together with Microsoft with the main focus on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). All participants went through several hands-on modules where they created clusters, explored deployments options for pods, monitored health of a cluster and scaled applications. The challenge got a lot of good feedback and was a great success with almost 40 participants from different departments attending the challenge.

With even more people upgrading their skills in a fun way, we have increased our ability to continuously deliver value to our customers which is key to how we develop and improve our services for the future.

By Geir Morten Allum, Product Manager, Azure services in Basefarm




Destination Gotland is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rederi AB Gotland. On behalf of the Swedish government, they operate the ferry services between Visby, Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn.


  1. During peak season, it is absolutely crucial that their booking systems work. The ferry service affects the entire island of Gotland and all their inhabitants.
  2. They were looking for expertise and experience in managing and operating booking system

Read the whole customer case here – Destination Gotland customer case

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Semantix, Scandinavia’s largest language company, chose Basefarm as their managed service provider to manage their business critical applications. High availability, security expertise and flexible solutions were on the wish list during the procurement process.

“Basefarm presented an ability to handle the criteria we had, while also having the operational capacity to match the size of Semantix. Besides having the technical know-how and the financial stability, they are able to deliver flexible and specialized solutions,” says Mats Zetterberg, IT Operations Manager at Semantix.

Read the whole customer case here – Semantix customer case 

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Basefarm – Complete Service Responsibility 


MedMera Bank was looking for a partner who could take responsibility for the operation of the bank’s payment flow systems and meet extremely high standards of security and availability. The choice fell on Basefarm, which since 2015 has had overall responsibility for operation of the bank’s central payment system.

When in 2015 MedMera Bank saw a need to upgrade its operations environment, it sought a supplier that could meet the very high standards of security, delivery and availability that apply in the payment world.

“We also needed a partner who was proactive and kept up with the constant development of the industry,” says Carita Weiss, CIO of MedMera Bank.

Following a long procurement and evaluation process involving several possible operations providers, the choice finally fell on Basefarm and its PCI DSS hosting platform in Sweden.

Read the whole customer case here – MedMera Bank costumer case

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Basefarm Security Operation Center

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Why Payex chose basefarm to help build and run their pci dss operational platform

PayEx needed to design, build and run their state of the art Nordic payment solution catering robustness, flexibility and cost efficiency. The platform needed to be PCI DSS compliant as it exchanges, processes and stores huge amounts of card data and financial information. The solution is mission critical and margins and reputation are built over time, by delivering payment services with high quality, competence and value. They needed a secure and stable environment and a partner with solid systems for operations and interaction, as well as an “advisor” regarding technology.

Basefarm designed the platform in close collaboration with PayEx. Since the PCI solution went live in the summer of 2011, it has now passed 300 million transactions with excellent performance, peaking at around 1.3 million transactions per day. PayEx use Basefarm actively and proactively in decision-making regarding the environment and other challenges related to technology.

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Basefarm’s stable cloud and managed services shorten SBAB’s response time for their most business-critical system by 7 million seconds. “We appreciate Basefarm’s professionalism, their operational delivery and their focus on innovating the business,” says Jan Stenkvist, Senior Vendor Manager at SBAB, answering the question why SBAB is deepening their collaboration with Basefarm.


Previously, SBAB was comprised by performance issues in one of the most important IT-systems at the bank: the Credit Preparation System. The system is used by customers to apply for a loan through either the website, or one of SBAB’s 150 customer service administrators. The performance problem required a proactive restart – every day. The administrators and the customers had to wait for more than 10 seconds before the system responded, which was unacceptable.

Read the whole customer case here – SBAB customer case

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Introducing Nordkap: a Swedish company that offers solutions for the treasury function of capital intense companies. The solution is a completely web-based, installation-free SaaS platform. In a short timeframe, Nordkap has established themselves as the leading web-based treasury system in Sweden and Norway. Now, their focus is to continue to improve and develop the system in order to expand – both in the Nordic region and Europe.


As Nordkap grew and started acquiring bigger customers, the requirements on their data security levels increased. Nordkap also wanted to develop an internal strategy to be able to capitalize on customer data stored in the platform, which also contributed to the need for higher data security levels.

Before Nordkap found their way to Basefarm, they had hired another supplier for operational solutions. In their decision-making process at the time, keeping costs down received the highest priority, as the company was still in a start-up phase. However, one of the problems Nordkap was experiencing was that the solution wasn’t stable enough and, in some cases, the service would completely shut down. On top of the service being unreliable, the communication from the supplier was also inadequate – no information was provided when the problems arose nor was it communicated how long it would take before the problems were resolved. This level of operational insecurity jeopardized the trust Nordkap’s customers’ had in them.

Read the whole customer case

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“We landed on a mix of suppliers that best fulfilled our criteria. Basefarm was the best operations supplier.”

So says Edvard Pedersen, project manager for the Altinn solution at the Brønnøysund Register Centre. The government’s ambition is that Norwegian public electronic administration (e-administration) should be the best in the world. Altinn is perhaps their most important card.

“We must have a partner and supplier right out of the top drawer in order to achieve this goal. Basefarm is an important part of achieving the government’s ambitious target,” says Pedersen, who counts his supplier as a partner. We must have an operator and supplier right out of the top drawer in order to achieve this goal.
The decision to award the operations contract was made on the basis of stable operation, predictability, economy, scalability and security. Seen as a whole, Basefarm delivered the best bid,” says Pedersen.

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3 takeaways from SQLSaturday in Oslo

SQLSaturday just took place in Oslo on Sep 1st. Here is what I learned.
-By Flemming Löth, Deputy System Manager, SQL Server.

Windows Server 2012 is coming!

A week from today Microsoft releases Windows Server 2012. For ordinary computer users this release may not mean a lot, but for us working with running large server systems it will be a game changer.

Fundamental parts of the Windows Server operating system have been changed. Some changes are visible such as the lack of a graphical user interface on a standard server. Other changes are less visible; new storage options, filesystems etc.

A very big change for operations is that PowerShell really have moved into the core of managing Windows. This will allow us to automate more than before, with ease!

I won’t go into all the details here but if you want to be part of the launch event for Windows Server 2012, setup a reminder here.