5 IT Trends that will shape the next 5 years (Part 2): Data Ethics

The targeted, quick use of data in large volumes from various sources – Big Data – is becoming ever more commonplace within companies. As is the protection and security of this data, of course. But a crucial component has to be added, which addresses the responsibility of individuals and companies when dealing with data: data ethics.

5 IT Trends that will shape the next 5 years (Part 1): Data Thinking

Big Data and Cloud are central to pretty much all the technology topics of our time. From Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things to machine learning and deep learning to artificial and business intelligence – and beyond. Seems clear so far, right? To date, however, there have been few answers to the question of how everything will proceed. Answers are now due. It’s time for piecing together the bigger picture, which we will be doing in a small blog post series. Let’s start with Data Thinking.

Demystifying AI @ AAIC – *um makes Artificial Intelligence comprehensible

The first Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference (AAIC) took place in Vienna at the end of May. Solution developers, prospects, and users from different industries came together to exchange views on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Unbelievable Machine was present as partner and exhibitor. The *um Data Scientists Ingo Nader and Clemens Zauchner explain our contribution to the understanding and applicability of the technology.

The four greatest challenges for IT leaders

Against the backdrop of new technologies and the ever-more demanding requirements of customers and/or employees, IT leaders in companies are constantly faced with new challenges.

What is Predictive Maintenance? Fixing problems before they occur

For the reliable operation and maintenance of technical equipment, machines and elements, regular spot checks and inspections were carried out in analogue times. Replacement or repair in case of unforeseen downtime. In the age of data analysis, machines automatically report when control power decreases or when they need maintenance. Thanks to this practical foresight, problems can be solved before they even occur.

3rd wave AI tools evolve for solving real world problems

Statistical models are driving today’s wave of artificial intelligence. But this second AI wave creates its own decision models which are pretty much black boxes. So, what’s up for the third wave? Transparent tools for solving real world problems.

Data Analytics platform is the new black

Big data swamp? That is what you get, unless you work structured, collect the right metadata and prepare documentation (yes) for your big data lakes.

“We prefer data analytic platform to data lakes. The data analytic platform is your one point of data for all different data sources in your company,” says Ingo Steins, deputy director of operations in The Unbelievable Machine Company (*UM), a part of the Basefarm Group.

Increase ROI on marketing efforts through machine learning and AI

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence (AI) helps marketers to better understand customers and improve customer experiences. Machine learning and AI can be used in marketing i.e. for customer predictive analysis and to design customer journeys more individually and targeted, that to increase ROI on each individual customer contact (to target market initiatives better for individual customers.)

The dawn of the autonomous data center

In this article published by Data Center Dynamics, Ravin Mehta, founder of The unbelievable Machine Company, part of the Basefarm group, argues that now could be the time for the next big leap when it comes to the data center.

What is Predictive Analytics?

Predicting the future from data! That sounds like science fiction, but it is becoming more and more a reality. Thanks to predictive analytics. Here we explain what this is and what data science and data-based forecasting models can do for companies.