BF-SIRT Newsletter 2017-43

This weeks top stories is that Bad Rabbit, a new Petya-like ransomware is spreading, and Reaper, a new Mirai-like Iot botnet, has been detected and is many times larger.

A recent report concludes that cybercriminals focus on the shipping and cloud storage sectors, and Kaspersky is in hard weather against the US intelligence industry, but says NSA contractor leaked US hacking tools by mistake.

Dell lost control of a key customer support domain for a month in 2017 and Google Play Protect is literally the worst at detecting malware on Android, according to test results.

Top 5 Security links
Bad Rabbit: A new Petya-like ransomware that’s spreading, but beatable
After quietly infecting a million devices, Reaper botnet set to be worse than Mirai
NSA contractor leaked US hacking tools by mistake, Kaspersky says
Cybercriminals Focus on the Shipping and Cloud Storage Sectors
Dell Lost Control of Key Customer Support Domain for a Month in 2017