BF-SIRT Newsletter 2017-35

This weeks top stories is 465,000 patients need software updates for their hackable pacemakers. Researchers from Akamai, Cloudflare, Flashpoint, Google, Oracle Dyn, RiskIQ, Team Cymru, and other organizations cooperated to combat a botnet comprised primarily of Android devices and designed to create DDoS traffic.

Researchers find a way to disable the much-hated Intel ME component courtesy of the NSA and Krebs is asking you to consider if your mobile carrier is your weakest link.

You can also read about how cops trick dark-web criminals into unmasking themselves and a nice article from Wired about how vulnerable hotel keycard locks was exploited by a burglar.

Top 5 Security Links
465,000 Patients Need Software Updates for Their Hackable Pacemakers, FDA Says
The WireX Botnet: An example of cross-organizational cooperation
Researchers Find a Way to Disable Much-Hated Intel ME Component Courtesy of the NSA
Is Your Mobile Carrier Your Weakest Link?
This Is How Cops Trick Dark-Web Criminals Into Unmasking Themselves