BF-SIRT Newsletter 2016-42

The top stories from this week consist of stories such as Most serious” Linux privilege-escalation bug ever is under active exploit (updated), and More than half of Androids susceptible to ancient malware. You can also read a story about Spreading the DDoS Disease and Selling the Cure, and It’s finally happened: Hackers are coming for home routers en masse.

Top 5 Security links
Flaw in Intel chips could make malware attacks more potent
SHA-256 and SHA3-256 Are Safe For the Foreseeable Future
The QuarksLab audit of VeraCrypt has been completed, and this is the public release of the results.
Oracle puts out 253 fixes and a request to please apply patches NOW!
Russian Arrested by Czech Police Tied to 2012 LinkedIn Hack

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Barack Obama on Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Cars, and the Future of Humanity | WIRED
3.2 million debit cards compromised; SBI, HDFC Bank, ICICI, YES Bank and Axis worst hit
Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2017
Is it worth reporting ransomware?
Facial recognition technology is taking over US, says privacy group