BF-SIRT Newsletter 2016-37

The top stories from this week consist of stories such as Google is moving towards a more secure web, and Here’s how broken today’s web will feel in Chrome’s secure-by-default future. You can also read a story about Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet, and Cybersecurity In The Obama Era.

Top 5 Security links
Bad news: MySQL can dish out root access to cunning miscreants
Hacking the iPhone PIN retry counter
Microsoft Patches Zero Day Flaw Used In Two Massive Malvertising Campaigns
Researcher reports XSS hole in Google France
New Windows Patch Policy At Odds With Acceptable Risk

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Identity Theft: How To Protect Yourself Or Resolve It
Insider Incidents Cost Companies $4.3 Million Per Year On Average
Panama Papers: Denmark to pay $1.3M-plus for leaked data to probe tax evasion
Ransomware Getting More Targeted, Expensive
Volkswagen launches new cybersecurity firm to tackle car security