BF-SIRT Newsletter 2016-27

The top stories from this week consist of stories such as Brexit’s Effects on Cyber Security, and 5 Actionable Steps We Can Learn from the SWIFT Banking Attacks. You can also read a story about Avast and AVG: A Future Together, and that Word hole patched in 2012 is ‘unchallenged’ king of Office exploits.

And did you know that UEFA Euro Fans At High Risk Of Online Threats?

Top 5 Security links
10 million Android phones infected by all-powerful auto-rooting apps
Google fixes high-risk Android vulnerabilities in July update
How I Cracked a Keylogger and Ended Up in Someone’s Inbox
Five security settings in iOS 10 you should immediately change
After hiatus, in-the-wild Mac backdoors are suddenly back

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Security Basics Before the “The Next Best Thing”
Finance, Healthcare,Tech Sectors Highest Users Of Encryption, Survey Says
CEO Fraud
5 years, 2,300 data breaches. What’ll police do with our Internet Connection Records?
Malvertising slowing down, but not out