BF-SIRT Newsletter 2016-21

The top stories from this week consist of stories such as how fraudsters stole ¥1.4 Billion from 1,400 Japanese ATMs in just 3 hours, and how an Ecuador bank were hacked and lost $12 Million in the 3rd attack on the SWIFT System.
You can also read a story about how Google wins epic Java copyright case against Oracle, and how top websites are using audio fingerprinting to secretly track web users.

Top 5 Security links
Fraudsters Stole ¥1.4 Billion from 1,400 Japanese ATMs in Just 3 Hours
Ecuador Bank Hacked — $12 Million Stolen in 3rd Attack on SWIFT System
Philippines Bank hit by SWIFT Hacking Group allegedly linked to North Korea
Hacker Steals Money from Bank and Donates $11,000 to Anti-ISIS Group
Skimmers Found at Walmart: A Closer Look

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Google Wins Epic Java Copyright Case Against Oracle
Top Websites Using Audio Fingerprinting to Secretly Track Web Users
Facebook Sued for illegally Scanning Users’ Private Messages
US government is spending billions on old tech that barely works, says watchdog
Apple hires Encryption Expert to Beef Up Security on its Devices