BF-SIRT Newsletter 2016-08

The top stories from this week consist of a story on the Linux Mint website being hacked, leaving replaced with Backdoored version of the Operating System, and a follow up story where the Hacker explains how he did it .
You can also read a story about the simple way to stop your business from being extorted by ransomware, and how opening an MS Word document can hijack every file on your system.

Top 5 Security links
Linux Mint Website Hacked and ISOs replaced with Backdoored Operating System
Hacker explains how he put “backdoor” in hundreds of Linux Mint downloads
NSA Data Center Experiencing 300 Million Hacking Attempts Per Day
How to Hack a Computer from 100 Meters by Hijacking its Wireless Mouse or Keyboard
Using EMET to disable EMET

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
The Simple Way to Stop your Business from Being Extorted by Ransomware
How Just Opening an MS Word Doc Can Hijack Every File On Your System
Did the Dark Web just get a whole lot bigger?
The Importance of Strong Encryption to Security
Nissan LEAF cloud security fail leaves drivers exposed