BF-SIRT Newsletter 2014-39

Welcome to the newsletter! The biggest news this week is obviously how the “Shellshock” Bug Spells Trouble for Web Security. McAfee have also released a Phishing Quiz a few weeks ago, which is still worth taking if you mised it the first time around. You can also find information as how a European cyber crime ring has been exposed after 12 years.

Top 5 Security links
“Shellshock” Bug Spells Trouble for Web Security
Quick notes about the bash bug, its impact, and the fixes so far
Google to turn on encryption by default in next Android version
V3 Security Summit: European cyber crime ring exposed after 12 years
Game pirates ‘donate’ compute power to Bitcoin miners

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
McAfee Phishing Quiz
Thwarting Ransomware Attacks
High-volume DDoS attacks on the rise
Report: Intrustion prevention systems made a comeback in 2013
Home Depot completes malware elimination in all U.S. stores