BF-SIRT Newsletter 2014-16

This week, news is arriving early! This is due to the easter holidays. As always during holidays, it’s important to keep some security awareness when it comes to devices you bring with you on your travels.
When it comes to the news, we can see that a lot of posts are still about Heartbleed, and another interesting post can be found about TrueCrypt and how Advanced attackers go undetected for 229 days

Top 5 Security links
German space centre endures cyber attack
Trio charged with hacking, stealing data from U.S. Army, Microsoft and more
Israeli Hackers Claim to Have Exposed Individuals Behind OpIsrael
Indictment charges ‘Jabber Zeus Crew’ with using malware to steal millions
So far, so good for TrueCrypt: Initial Audit phase turns up no backdoors

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Advanced attackers go undetected for 229 days
First sites admit data loss through Heartbleed attacks
Tests Confirm Heartbleed Bug Can Expose Server’s Private Key
Akamai Admits its OpenSSL Patch Was Faulty, Reissues Keys
Heartbleed exploit, inoculation, both released