BF-SIRT Newsletter 2014-15

The biggest news of the week have without a doubt been about Heartbleed. We wrote a bit of information on how we handled it at Basefarm which you can read about Here
Microsoft and Adobe also had their monthly Patch Tuesday, and those running Cisco VPN equipment should take a look at This post.

Top 5 Security links
Anatomy of OpenSSL’s Heartbleed: Just four bytes trigger horror bug
Not just websites hit by OpenSSL’s Heartbleed – PCs, phones and more under threat
When two-factor authentication is not enough
How I Hacked Your Router
One of World’s Largest Websites Hacked: Turns Visitors into “DDoS Zombies”

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Study reveals only 56 percent of employees get awareness training
6 Ways the Internet of Things Will Transform Enterprise Security
Security Pros Talk About Playing Defense Against Cybercrime
Emerging trends in cyber-attack methodology
Advanced Attacks Are The New Norm, Study Says

Basefarm Posts
Vulnerability in Cisco ASA
Critical OpenSSL Vulnerability (Heartbleed)
Patch Tuesday April 2014