BF-SIRT Newsletter 2014-10

The newsletter will take a break next week due to vacations, see you next time on week 12!

Top 5 Security links
Hackers churning out 55,000 malware variants every day
Tor Network Used to Hide 900 Botnets and Darknet Markets, Says Kaspersky Lab
New approach to SQL injection detection
GNUTLS Certificate verification flaw exposes Linux distros, Apps to attack
Pre-installed Malware Turns Up on New Phones

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Cyber battle apparently under way in Russia-Ukraine conflict
Team Cymru spots 300,000 compromised SOHO gateways
Zeus retrieves attack list hidden in sunset and cat images
Is This Russia’s Stuxnet? Security Firm Spots Suspicious ‘Uroburos’ Rootkit
China Ramps Up Cybersecurity Efforts, Strives to Become “Internet Power”