BF-SIRT Newsletter 2014-08

We have a new Adobe Flash Vulnerability that everyone should look into patching (unless they run a browser such as Google Chrome which will auto-patch Flash). There is also some interesting information regarding what’s happening on Silk Road, as well as some information about the latest sites that have been victims of database exfiltrations.

Top 5 Security links
Silk Road reboot claims: Hacker STOLE all our Bitcoin funds
SEA hacks Forbes, steals and leaks 1M user records
Russian cybercrooks shun real currencies, develop private altcoins
Kickstarter Compromised, User Data stolen
300,000 Usernames and Passwords posted to Pastebin

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Lessons learned from blocking 100 million cyber attacks
96 percent of apps have security vulnerabilities
Conspiracy theories rage as 100 website defacements hit Singapore
Most organizations are unable to resolve a cyber attack
New variant of Zeus banking trojan concealed in JPG images

Basefarm SIRT Posts
Adobe Flash Vulnerability