BF-SIRT Newsletter 2014-07

Basefarm has been a member of FIRST for some time already, and with recommendations from other teams we’re now also listed under TF-CSIRT.
For this month’s Patch Tuesday, Microsoft also made a special recommendation for users to install EMET,which is a free toolkit for deploying and configuring security mitigation technologies (it assists with keeping your Windows system more secure). Adobe has also released critical updates for their Shockwave product, so users of it should update as soon as possible (you can find more information under the Basefarm SIRT Posts).

Top 5 Security links
Technical Details Behind a 400Gbps NTP Amplification DDoS Attack
Email Attack on Third Party Vendor Set Up Breach at Target
New Trojan, “CoinThief,” Targets Mac Users, Steals Bitcoins
Cyberespionage Operation ‘The Mask’ Compromised Organizations in 30+ Countries

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
As Crimeware Evolves, Phishing Attacks Increase
Statistics Point to Increased Physical Danger Risks of Cyberterrorism
New Global Partnership To Fight Cybercrime
Facebook: At Least 67 million Accounts Are Fake
Encryption Use Continues To Grow

Basefarm SIRT Posts
Patch Tuesday February 2014