BF-SIRT Newsletter 2013-46

This week, SIRT member Kian has written a write-up about the PCI-DSS meetup that he attended, which is definitely worth a read!
We also had Patch Tuesday this week, so make sure to patch your affected systems.
Some of our other recommendations to read are how popular site ended up serving malware to its visitors and how CryptoLocker have surged since the author of BlackHole got caught.

Next week, the newsletter will take a break, but will return on week 48 as usual.

Top 5 Security links
Feds Charge Calif. Brothers in Cyberheists
Macrumors Forums Breach Exposes 860,000 Accounts
Yesterday on – Malware
Nation-State Likely Behind Attack on IE Zero-Day Flaw
Cryptolocker surge directly tied with Blackhole downfall

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Dutch National Cyber Security Strategy and the Third Cyber Security Assessment
Simulated attacks give London banks a trial run in readiness
Compromised Adobe accounts include military and government users
GCHQ used fake LinkedIn, Slashdot pages to spy on Belgacom employees
Banking Malware Infections Rise to Highest Level Since 2002