BF-SIRT Newsletter 2013-44

This week, we’ve had quite a few things happening! To start off, Obama had his Twitter account compromised by the SEA. MongoHQ also had a bad week due to being compromised and having their database leaked. More information about the Adobe Breach became known as well; and it doesn’t look good as this has impacted at least 38 million Adobe Online users, and it appears that the Photoshop source code, amongst other things, got stolen.
As for our own posts, we have added information about the latest Mozilla Vulnerabilities that you should update.

Top 5 Security links
Syrian Electronic Army claims Obama social media hijacking
Hack of MongoHQ exposes passwords, user databases to intruders
Adobe Breach Impacted At Least 38 Million Users, Photoshop source code stolen
British Man Charged with Hacking NASA and US Military Computers
4 Dutch Men Arrested for Allegedly Using TorRAT to Plunder Bank Accounts

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Visual investigations of botnet command and control behavior
Symantec to create cross-industry big data cloud hub to fight targeted attacks
When the phone call is more dangerous than malware
ATM Malware May Spread From Mexico to English-speaking World
Mozilla addresses teenager’s purported mobile Firefox OS malware

Mozilla Vulnerabilities