BF-SIRT Newsletter 2013-43

Anyone using Apple products needs to be sure to apply the latest updates that are now available, as per Apple security updates.
If you are using Cisco ASA for VPN then you can have a look at our post about that here.
WordPress also updated their software to 3.7, and it’s recommended to apply this.

Top 5 Security links
Group Leveraging Cutwail Spam Botnet Opts For “Magnitude” Over BlackHole Exploit
Hacker Group Claims To Have Looted $100k Via SQL Injection Attack
Doctors Disabled Wireless In Dick Cheney’s Pacemaker To Thwart Hacking
Dropbox Users Hit With Zeus Phishing Trojan
Cisco Says Controversial NIST Crypto ‘Not Invoked’ In Products

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Universities Schooled By Malware
DARPA Slaps $2m On The Bar For The ULTIMATE Security Bug KILLER
Google Launches Project Shield To Defend Sites Against DDoS Attacks
UN Nuclear Regulator Infected With Malware
India Tops APAC Ransomware Table With $4 BILLION Losses

WordPress 3.7 “Basie”
Cisco ASA VPN Denial of Service Vulnerability
Apple security updates