BF-SIRT Newsletter 2013-42

This week, Akamai has released their latest “State of the Internet” report, and as always it’s a worthwhile reading. There is also a lot of sites which has been attacked by a 0day vBulletin Hole.
If you are using Oracle products you should have a look at our blog post regarding the latest Oracle vulnerabilities

Top 5 Security links
Thousands of Sites Hacked Via vBulletin Hole
FBI Silk Road shutdown will have little impact on Bitcoin cyber rackets
Digital ship pirates: Researchers crack vessel tracking system
New malware enables attackers to take money directly from ATMs
Hackers compromise certs to spread Nemim malware, which hijacks email and browser data

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Akamai Releases “State of the Internet” Report for Q2 2013
DDoS attack size accelerating rapidly
NORKS cyber mayhem cost South Korea £500 Million
Security Spending Continues to Run a Step Behind the Threats
Breach at PR Newswire Tied to Adobe Hack

Oracle fixes vulnerabilities