BF-SIRT Newsletter 2013-41

Norton Security report shows that Sweden is worst in the world when it comes to security in social medias. You can find more information about this and many other things in their report where 13000 people in 24 countries have been interviewed.
This month’s OUCH! covers password managers that we have discussed earlier in this newsletter.
We also have a post about Cisco ASA and FWSM – multiple vulnerabilities and Patch Tuesday October 2013 that is recommended to read and decide if an upgrade is in place or not.

Top 5 Security links
US Indicts 13 Suspected Anonymous Members For Operation Payback
Gang Behind Adobe Hack Hit Other Unnamed Companies
Blackhole Exploit Kit Author Arrested in Russia
Silk Road Leads To Eight Arrests In US, UK, Sweden
Russia Revs Up “PRISM On Steroids” To Monitor All Olympics Communications

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
This month’s version of OUCH! covers Password Managers
Norton Security Report 2013
Chinese Hackers Miss Google Network, But the Checks Go on
UK Bankers Prep For Cyberwar: Will Simulate ATTACK On System
The Cost and Frequency Of Cyber Attacks On The Rise

Patch Tuesday October 2013
Cisco ASA and FWSM – multiple vulnerabilities