BF-SIRT Newsletter 2013-37

This week has got some updates you should apply, and these include updates for WordPress, Apple OS X and Safari, as well as the regular Patch Tuesday updates for September 2013. Article wise it’s recommended to have a read through Brian Krebs two different articles down below that go in depth about the “Yahoo Boys”.

Top 5 Security links
Indian spooks snooping without ISP knowledge
Spy Service Exposes Nigerian ‘Yahoo Boys’
‘Yahoo Boys’ Have 419 Facebook Friends
Uncovering Malware in your website
Contractor accesses 2 million German Vodafone customer records

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Startup Security: Minimal Viable Product shouldn’t mean Minimal Security
Shame on you! Report shows users lazier than ever about security practices
OUCH! Security Awareness Newsletter
After NSA encryption furor, tech companies ask for more transparency
S. Korea financial sector to step up user authentication

WordPress 3.6.1 – fix for multiple vulnerabilities
Apple updates OS X and Safari
Patch Tuesday September 2013