BF-SIRT Newsletter 2013-34

One of this week’s biggest events has been that Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Those interested in hearing how one can turn into a security industry analyst should listen to the interview with Rich Mogull. The end of Windows XP is also drawing nearer (April 8th, 2014) which means there won’t be any patches coming out after that date, meaning also no security patches, so those who still haven’t updated should definitely look into doing so as soon as possible!

Top 5 Security links
How Not to DDoS Your Former Employer
Facebook stands by bug disclosure policy following Zuckerberg hack
Scanning the Internet in 45 minutes
Cracking crypto just got a little easier
ZeroAccess: Millions of Computers In US Infected And It Updates With P2P

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years in prison
Your perilous future on Windows XP
Google, Mozilla Considering limiting certificate validity to 60 months
FDA issues recommendations on the security of Wireless Medical Devices
How I Got Here: Rich Mogull

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  1. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    From the XP link above one could read: “You out there, the one running XP! That’s you I’m talking about when I say “helpless.” When the new models show up for the holidays it’s time to go computer shopping.”

    Or you could look into or to, without much effort, continue to use the same computer without having to upgrade hardware.

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