BF-SIRT Newsletter 29

The BF-SIRT Newsletter will take summer holiday for two weeks now, but will return again in full force on the 9th of August 2013! Until then, you have some very interesting links below ranging from what a Minute looks like within the Akamai Network to how PRISM can affect businesses.

Oracle did their monthly Patch Advisory for July, which covers a few critical vulnerabilities that you should apply.
Enjoy your Summer!

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
What happens in the Akamai Network during 60 Seconds?
Former CIA and NSA head says Huawei spies for China
PRISM And Your Business (Or: Dependence Is Risky)
California AG Breach Study Highlights Importance of Encrypting Data
Hackers target NASDAQ Community for passwords and account data

Top 5 Miscellaneous Security links
Nations Buying as Hackers Sell Flaws in Computer Code
College Student Gets Year in Prison For Wire Fraud In Tampering With Student Election
Bruce Schneier and Mikko Hypponen on the NSA, PRISM and why we should be worried
Symantec: Google Glass still vulnerable to Wi-Fi attack
Snowden’s Contingency: “Dead Man’s Switch” Borrows From Cold War, WikiLeaks

Oracle Patch Advisory July 2013