Basefarm SIRT Newsletter 26

Basefarm is now officially a full member of the global security organization FIRST, an umbrella organization that brings together trusted computer incident security teams from around the world!

FIRST (the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) aims to facilitate collaborative incident management to quickly tackle and prevent incidents and facilitate the exchange of information between FIRST members. The organization has now accepted Basefarm as a full member; this means that Basefarm has met FIRST’s stringent security standards – which are high due to the level of trust demanded by the other FIRST members in order to share security-related information. Basefarm now joins the ranks of organizations such as Apple, AT&T, Ernst & Young, IBM, INTERPOL, Juniper, NASA, Paypal, Symantec, Visa and VeriSign.
You can read more about this here.

In other news, a flaw in Facebook has been fixed that allowed for account to be easily compromised. The after effects of PRISM can also be noted largely in the news coming out. There’s also been a security update for WordPress, and it’s suggested to update as soon as possible.

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