Basefarm SIRT Newsletter 23

This week goes through the after affects of the Liberty Reserve shut down has had on the underground scene. We also check out how attacks are usually worse than they can initially seem, as well as news of Google being ordered to hand over information to the FBI without a warrant. Those running OS X are recommended to check out our post about the latest update as it concerns quite a few critical issues.

Top 5 Business Intelligence links
Underweb Payments, Post-Liberty Reserve
The Changing Landscape of DDos
Most small businesses can’t restore all data after a cyber attack
Chinese ‘NetTraveler’ hackers stole data from 350 organisations, says Kaspersky Lab
FDIC: 2011 FIS Breach Worse Than Reported

Top 5 Miscellaneous Security links
FBI and Microsoft in massive takedown of “Citadel” crimeware
No Java Patch For You: 93 Percent Of Users Run Older Versions Of The App
Verizon Breaks Silence on Top-Secret Surveillance of Its Customers
Google ordered to hand over sensitive users details to FBI without a warrant
Smart TVs riddled with DUMB security holes

Basefarm SIRT Posts
OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.4 Security update